Polyethylene fibre for screed reinforcement

Fibre polipropilenă armare șapă Polyethylene fibreFibre polipropilenă armare șapă Polyethylene fibre

Polyethylene fibre for screed reinforcement

Polyethylene fibre is a 100% virgin polypropylene monofilament fibre used to improve strength, long-term durability and to avoid the formation of microcracks in the concrete and mortars into which it is embedded.

Due to the monofilament structure, its dispersion is achieved homogeneously and three-dimensionally in the concrete mass, allowing maximum compaction, ensuring concrete reinforcement and reducing settlement. Monofilament fibres are not corrosive, chemically inert and 100% alkali resistant.


Field of application

Monofilament polyethylene fibres are used in any concrete application:

  • civil and industrial constructions
  • concrete floors
  • concrete slabs

They require no changes in the way the concrete is mixed or handled. They are used as a complementary element in the composition of concrete, improving the following characteristics: resistance to cracking, traction, impact, abrasion.


The recommended amount of monofilament POLYPROPYLENE FIBRE is 0.6 kg per cubic meter of concrete, added directly to the concrete mixing system or after mixing the other
components, to be mixed according to the time and speed recommended by the manufacturer of the concrete mixer (usually 4 or 5 minutes). It must not be mixed directly with the concrete water under any circumstances.


The POLYPROPYLENE FIBRE is packed in boxes containing 30 bags of 600 grams each.


In sealed packages, under optimal conditions of temperature and humidity.


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