Perimeter tape 130/8 mm blue 30 m

Banda perimetrală are rolul de a prelua dilătarile șapei flotanteBanda perimetrală are rolul de a prelua dilătarile șapei flotante

Perimeter tape 130/8 mm blue 30 m

  The perimeter tape is obtained by cutting the 8.0 mm thick expanded polyethylene film in a 130 mm wide band; a 40 my thick and 300 mm wide LDPE flap is applied on one side of the band and, on the opposite side of the band, a 25 mm wide adhesive tape is applied in the middle of the band and 5 incisions, spaced equally at 10 mm are performed.

 It is a 100% recyclable product, it contains no substances which are toxic to the body and generates no radioactive emissions.

  • it absorbs the dilations of the floating concrete floor
  • it facilitates assembly, the external side of the tape is self-adhesive
  • dimensions 8 x 130 mm, packed on a 30 m roll
  • it is fitted with a skirt to prevent the concrete from seeping under the thermal insulation


  • In underfloor heating systems, the use of the perimeter band is mandatory, having the role of taking over the expansions of the floating screed that occur as a result of the screed heating-cooling process
  • The base on which the perimeter strip is placed must be smooth, stable, well dried and cleaned of
  • other materials.
  • It is positioned with the self-adhesive side along walls and door frames, as well as around columns or beams.
  • The perimeter band is joined by overlapping the 2 ends over a distance of at least 5 cm.
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