Conduit elbowsConduit elbows


Conduit elbows are used to stiffen pipes with 14-18 mm diameters where they bend to 90°. The conduit elbow offer an optimal change of the pipe direction without creating creases and allow a safe and secure exit of the pipe from the floor (underfloor heating) to the distribution box or from a vertical surface (through-the-wall heating) to a horizontal one, without creating a risk of excessive stress when bending the pipe, which could lead to damage. Conduit elbows are also used to change the direction of the pipe at 90˚ directly on the insulation layer of the surface heating.

The use of conduit elbow protects the pipes against breaking and provides greater rigidity and stability of the connection between pipes and manifolds. By using the best materials and a reliable design, the curves maintain their initial rigidity and shape. Conduit elbow can be applied both to stable pipes with an aluminium insert and to more resistant tubes without inserts.


Structure and materials used

Conduit elbow is made of nylon with 15% glass fibre, featuring high resistance to crushing, tearing and cracking. Conduit elbow is made of a black material.

Construction and material

The solid construction of the tacker is based on high-quality materials: aluminium and plastics. They make it possible to combine the high strength, the durability and the low weight of the tool.


• the material highly resistant to crushing, breaking or cracking ensures the rigidity of the installation and no pipe deformation,
• it protect pipes against breaks,
• it can be mounted on the wall and on the floor.

The warranty period is 24 months from the date of delivery, provided that the customer/user fully complies with the transport, handling and use rules.

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