RP30 manual test pump

pompă manuală testare instalatie test pumppompă manuală testare instalatie test pump

RP30 manual test pump

The RP30 test pump is intended to test the compactness, respectively for the precise and quick pressure test of pipe systems and tanks in heating and plumbing systems compressed air, steam and cooling systems, oil equipment, irrigation systems, boilers and pressure accumulators, ideal for charging solar batteries.

The device allows the loading and pressure testing in a single work step.

  • the test pump is intended for the rapid and accurate pressure test of heating installations, plumbing or compressed air systems
  • test and pressure range: 0- 30 bar


  1. Connect the test pump to the system to be tested and open the ball valve.
  2. Fill the system with fluid and bleed the air from the installation. Close tightly all the openings.
  3. Test pump fluid into the system until you reach the desired pressure (max. 30 bar).
  4. Shut off the ball valve.
  5. After testing, release the pressure by opening the valve.

Maintenance: Please ensure the greasing of the piston and joints at all times with hydrophobic (waterproof) petroleum jelly.

The warranty period is 24 months from the date of delivery, provided that the customer/user fully complies with the transport, use and maintenance rules.

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