Tacker Device

tacker devicetacker device

Tacker Device

The tacker device is a tool used for quick and easy mounting of the clips for laying heating underfloor heating pipes on the smooth polystyrene insulation board. The replacement of the manual installation of the underfloor heating system clips provides increased comfort and speeds up the installer's work.

  • it is a tool used for quick and easy mounting of clips and for laying underfloor heating pipes on the flat plate (also called, tacker)
  • high-quality material construction: aluminium and plastic materials that give high strength and low weight of the device
  • it is fitted with an inspection door if the clips lock

Construction and material

The solid construction of the tacker device is based on high-quality materials: aluminium and plastics. They make it possible to combine the high strength, the durability and the low weight of the tool.


  • The Tacker device is lightweight and ergonomically adapted to the human body, thereby significantly improving the work efficiency and comfort.
  • The precision engineering delivers safe and stable mounting clips
  • The solid construction and the high quality materials used in making the Tacker device
  • ensures longevity and resistance to damage
  • The inspection area is used to remove any stick clips
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