NeoTer 130 mm Mix Kit

Mix KitMix Kit

NeoTer 130 mm Mix Kit

The NeoTer mix kit is used in underfloor heating systems, and it can also be used in combined systems (underfloor heating/radiators). It mainly acts to regulate the temperature and also allows the temperature adjustment in the 20 °C - 70 °C range.


NeoTer Mix Kit WILO 130 MM
NeoTer Mix Kit IBO 130 MM

  • it adjusts the flow and temperature of the thermal agent in underfloor heating installations
  • equipment: thermostatic head with remote temperature sensor; high efficiency variable speed pump
  • it is equipped with a thermomanometer on the flow and an additional thermometer on the return
  • size of connections: ¾’’ powered; to distribution - manifold 1’’
  • the system is equipped with an additional sheath and thus the safety thermostat can be added. If the temperature per flow is higher than that set on the thermostat, it will stop the pump from supplying electricity, thus preventing any possible damage.
  • it is equipped with a 0-5 step control gate, which helps to adjust the mixture between the flow water from the central heating source and the return water of the underfloor heating circuits.

Read the data sheets to see more information about installation of the mixing unit, commissioning and operation.

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