Temperature Sensor

Senzor de temperatură The temperature sensorSenzor de temperatură The temperature sensor

Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor is compatible with a wide range of thermostats and it is used to detect the screed temperature. The maximum temperature is set using the thermostat in order to protect the finished surface of the floor from overheating.

  • its role is to detect the temperature in the floor mass
  • it is compatible with a wide range of thermostats
  • cable length 3 m


  • Cable length: 3 meters
  • Probe dimensions: 20*7*5mm
  • Weight: 30 g
  • R25 ºC: 10 kΩ ± 1%
  • B25/50: 3950 kΩ ± 1%
  • Operating temperature: 1 - 50 ºC


  • Position the sensor in an area where heating/cooling pipes are installed.
  • Position the sensor as close as possible to the finished floor surface
  • Mount the connecting cable between the thermostat and the connecting probe in a protective tube (10 mm minimum diameter)
  • In the thermostat mounting diagram, the temperature sensor corresponds to connections 5 and 6.


The warranty period is 24 months from the date of delivery, provided that the customer/user fully complies with the installation, storage and transport rules.


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