Tacker clips (300/ box)

cleme tacker tacker clipscleme tacker tacker clips

Tacker clips (300/ box)

The use the clips allows quick and easy assembly of underfloor heating systems regardless of the layout of the heating pipes (spiral coil, simple coil or double coil). Use the appropriate type of clips according to the thickness of the smooth polystyrene board. The tool for applying clips - the Tacker device - replaces the manual assembly of underfloor heating pipes and offers increased work comfort for the installer, making the assembly job easier. The precise assembly allows any type of layout of a tube and the possibility of fixing the density of clips, while guaranteeing the reliability of the assembled pipe within the system when pouring the screed.

  • allows quick and easy assembly of underfloor heating systems for any arrangement of heating pipes (loop or spiral)
  • the application of the clips is made by means of the tacker device for pipes of up to 20 mm in diameter
  • packaging: 300 pcs/ box

Tacker clips BENEFITS

  • material with high resistance to bending, breaking and tearing,
  • the fastest and simplest method of assembling surface heating/cooling systems in the development of single-family and multi-family housing, as well as large-scale, sports and road facilities.
  • it significantly reduces the time required to assemble surface heating/cooling systems,
  • it increases the work comfort of the installer by using a tacker.
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