Nickel-plated copper D1/2” by-pass

By-pass cupru nichelatBy-pass cupru nichelat

Nickel-plated copper D1/2” by-pass

The Nickel-plated copper D1/2” by-pass is used in underfloor heating systems to protect the recirculation pump and extend its life.

  • it is used for underfloor heating installations, to protect the recirculation pump and extend its life
  • connections size ½’’

Installation steps:

A. Shut off the flow and return valves on the distributor-manifold or on the
mix kit.
B. Shut off all the valves from the heating circuits.
C. Remove the drain valve from the distributor bar.
D. Remove the automatic air bleeder and the valve from the manifold bar.
E. Remove the distributor or the manifold from the eccentric support to
ensure the space required to mount the by-pass.
F. Install part (1) in the distributor bar on the free position (where the drain
valve was previously fitted)
G. Install part (10) in the manifold bar (where the automatic air bleeder
was previously fitted)
H. Assemble the two nuts on the nickel-plated copper pipe, (5) and (7) in
the list, the retaining rings (4) and (8), the EPDM gaskets (3) and (9)
and the valve (2)
I. Mount the nickel-plated copper tube between part (1) and part (10)
J. Manually tighten nuts (5) and (7).
K. Fix the manifold bar on the eccentric support.
1. Valve body 1/2 - 3/4 FE with gasket
2. ABS differential pressure valve
3. EPDM O-ring
4. Retainer ring
5. Nut
6. Nickel-plated copper pipe
7. Nut
8. Retainer ring
9. EPDM O-ring
10. Adapter 1/2 - 3/4 FE with gasket

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