NEOPE-RT Pipe by TeraPlast with oxygen barrier

țeavă NEOPE-RT pipețeavă NEOPE-RT pipe

NEOPE-RT Pipe by TeraPlast with oxygen barrier

The NEOPE-RT pipe by TeraPlast features high heat resistance, and 5 layers, and it is manufactured in accordance with EN ISO 22391. The oxygen barrier layer, EVOH, is inside the pipe, having a reduced risk of physical and chemical damage.

16 x 2,0 mm17 x 2,0 mm
100 m250 m600 m


The NEOPE-RT pipe coils are packaged in plastic film and stacked on pallets. It should be stored in a covered and dry place, protected from prolonged exposure to sunlight and other sources of heat that can irreparably damage the physical and chemical characteristics of the pipe.


The warranty spans a decade from the delivery date, contingent upon the customer/user adhering completely to the transportation, handling, and installation guidelines. Meanwhile, the average lifespan clocks in at 50 years.

NEOPE-RT pipe by TeraPlast pipe with oxygen barrier

  • 5-layer polyethylene pipe according to standard EN ISO 22391
  • EVOH oxygen barrier on the intermediate layer
  • pipe thicknesses: 16 x 2.0 mm, 17 x 2.0 mm
  • length: 100 m, 250 m, 600 m
  • colour: natural
  • it can be used for both heating/cooling and tap water

Additional information

Dimensiune țeavă

16 x 2,0 mm, 17 x 2,0 mm


100 m, 250 m, 600 m

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