Expansion profile 60/ 40/ 11 m 2 ml grey

expansion profileexpansion profile

Expansion profile 60/ 40/ 11 m 2 ml grey

The expansion profile is manufactured by extruding and expanding low-density polyethylene pellets in closed cells, in an atmosphere and under technical conditions which are controlled under the action of temperature, using butane gas as a foaming agent. The product is part of the category of polymers, characterised by great elasticity, low permeability to fluids, high thermal conductivity, as well as sound-absorbing properties, resistance over time, being rot-resistant and insensitive to the action of insects and rodents.

It is a 100% recyclable product, it contains no substances which are toxic to the body and generates no radioactive emissions.

  • it is mounted in areas with a dimension greater than 40 square meters or a side greater than 8 m
  • it separates the heating zones and absorbs concrete expansions
  • to facilitate mounting, the base of the profile is self-adhesive
  • dimensions: thickness 10 mm, height 60 mm, base width 40 mm, length 2 m

Field of application

Expanded polyethylene products are low-density insulating elements. Application solutions:

  • Expansion joint
  • It offers excellent protection for corners, edges, circular surfaces sensitive to impact, scratching or repeated shock; as they are chemically inert, they can come into contact with surfaces coated with dyes, varnishes, paints, without affecting the quality of the finishes
  • The application of the double-adhesive tape on the edge of the profile facilitates its assembly and stabilises its vertical positioning on the fixing element.


  • In underfloor heating systems, the use of the expansion profile is necessary when the floor surface in a room is greater than 40 m2 or the length of a side is greater than 8 m.
  • The base on which the expansion profile is placed must be smooth, stable, well dried and cleaned of
    other materials.


The expansion profile is delivered in the form of bars with standard lengths of 2 m packed in cardboard boxes/packages packed in LDPE film. It is stored on europallets, in clean, dry, ventilated warehouses, protected against direct sunlight, at least 3 m away from any direct heat source. It is handled with care in order not to damage the packaging, the quality and quantity integrity of the product as delivered and the identification/product data. The products are transported using clean, covered means of transport, to protect them against dust or weather.

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