EPS 100/25 mm Tacker plate

Placa tacker EPS 100/ 25 mm tacker platePlaca tacker EPS 100/ 25 mm tacker plate

EPS 100/25 mm Tacker plate

The tacker plate is a thermal insulation support for the pipe delivered in a 1 x 10 m coil. The surface of the plates is covered by a 5 x 5 cm grid foil, thus facilitating the cutting of plates and the installation of the pipe. The grid foil contains a fibre fabric offering high tear resistance and preventing the polystyrene clips from coming out.

The tacker plate is made of quality-monitored EPS, in accordance with SR EN 13163.



Transport and storage: the product is stable and inert under normal conditions of transport, storage and use.
Transport by covered and clean means of transport, not tightly closed, to allow natural ventilation. Do not transport expanded polystyrene plates together with other materials that can damage them (thinners, combustible substances, paints, materials that can move during transport). Store in covered, ventilated spaces, protected from moisture, away from heat sources, avoiding exposure to sunlight.

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