1W Thermoelectric actuator

Cap termostatat cu senzor capilar neoter thermoelectric actuatorCap termostatat cu senzor capilar neoter thermoelectric actuator

1W Thermoelectric actuator

The standard 230 V thermoelectric actuator is supplied with a fixed connection cable, with a blue operation indicator, with a valve mounted adapter and a laser marking.

  • it is designed to automatically switch on and off the underfloor heating circuit
  • low power consumption 1W
  • NC type of actuation (normally closed)

The standard 230 V variant is a thermoelectric actuator for valves, intended to open and close the valves on the distributors of heating circuits of underfloor heating or cooling systems. The main field of application is the energy-efficient control of room temperature in building management and home automation systems. The 230 V thermoelectric actuator can be controlled by a 230 V room thermostat with on-off output or by pulse width modulation.

We recommend using the following cables when installing in 230 V systems: Lightweight cable, coated in 1.5 mm2 NYM plastic Flat cable for buildings, 1.5 mm2 NYIF

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